Advantages for Business Partners

•  Allows you to take advantage of high-technology opportunities.
•  Allows you to reactivate your inactive customers.
•  Provides a noticeable revenue increase.
•  Gives you the chance to be a strong market player in mobile solutions.
•  Offers the possibility to reach merchants from any sector.

Advantages for End Users

You can do your shopping securely via your mobile phone with no need for cash. If you have a pre-paid line, the purchase price is deducted from your pre-paid account or if you have a post-paid line, the purchase price is charged to your mobile phone bill. You can use the system without becoming subscribed.
•  You can buy easily and quickly.
•  Gives you peace of mind as you can now forget about your wallet, and cash or coins.
•  Ends your fear of sharing your credit card data during online shopping.
•  Allows time-independent confident buying
•  Eliminates the need to contact the seller face-to-face.

•  A new method of accepting payments in face-to-face shopping
•  A payment method that creates confidence in customers
•  Frequent spending enhances customer loyalty
•  Opportunity to make transactions without a physical POS terminal
•  Competitive advantage by offering a distinguished method

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Mobile Payment System