What is Mobile Payment System?

Mobile Payment System is a mobile payment platform which allows companies participating in the system to accept payments from GSM subscribers via mobile devices either by using face-to-face channels or through the web site.

All GSM subscribers can use the mobile payment system: if the customer is using a post-paid line, the purchase price is charged to the customer’s cell phone bill, and if the customer is using a pre-paid line, the purchase price is deducted from the pre-paid account.

Users of mobile payment service do not pay any special fees. Other than the price of the purchased product, the customers only need to pay the standard fee for the text message (SMS) they send in order to confirm the transaction.

Any model of cell phones capable of sending SMS can be used in the mobile payment platform.

How to Get Started

You can accept payments through your e-commerce site by having a mobilodeme.com merchant account.

Required Documents

To have a merchant account, you need to send the original mobilodeme.com Merchant Account Agreement, which contains your signature and stamp, as well as the Merchant Identification Form, and the following additional documents to the address of mobilodeme.com

• Tax Registration Certificate
• Signature Circular
• ID copy of the signatory
• Merchant Services Introduction Form
• Service Introduction Document
• Frequently Asked Questions   

Upon receipt of the agreement and the necessary documentation, your merchant account will be activated. You will be given your user details for accessing the administration panel of your mobilodeme.com Merchant Account, where you will accept the payments and check the transactions.

How the system works?

After your user account is activated, and you integrate mobilodeme.com API to your web site, your customers may start making payment via their cell phones.

Firstly, the customer selects the product he will purchase.

mobilodeme.com is used by

• people who prefer online shopping;
• members of chat/dating sites;
• Internet users who purchase digital contents
• game addicts registered with game sites
• e-commerce sites which sell physical products online,
• companies which regularly receive subscription or membership fees

Mobilodeme offers you the advantage of buying in a secure environment only by using your mobile phone.
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