MobileOdeme is Used By

• people who prefer online shopping;
• members of chat/dating sites;
• Internet users who purchase digital contents
• game addicts registered with game sites
• e-commerce sites which sell physical products online,
• companies which regularly receive subscription or membership fees


Companies are offering mobile payment option, a new and secure payment method for your purchases through the Internet.

It is a secure method to make payments under your own control and approval.

• You can purchase games, game characters, game tools and similar items from your registered game sites.

• You may purchase food, clothing, electronics online without sharing your credit card data in the Internet.

• You can purchase digital contents such as music, movies, videos through the Internet.


Mobile Payment System offers you the advantage of buying in a secure environment only by using your mobile phone. Depending on whether you are using a prepaid or a post paid line, the purchase amount will be deducted from your prepaid account or charged to your mobile phone bill. You don’t need to pay subscription or membership fees.

• You can enjoy an easy and quick shopping experience,
• You don’t need to carry coins or wallets,
• You can purchase through the Internet without sharing your credit card data.
• You can buy securely without time restrictions,
• It doesn’t require face-to-face contact with the seller.


If you are web site owner engaged in e-commerce, you can sell your products by using Mobile Payment system platform.

By simply integrating APIs to your web site, you can add in payment options “SMS Initiated Model” or “Web Button Initiated Model”.


• As a merchant registered with, you will use the mobile payment system free of charge.
• You will have the opportunity to reach millions of GSM subscribers without using any intermediaries.
• Once you are integrated with the mobile payment system, you can start the sale process quickly.
• Easy-to use API documentation containing detailed explanation will help you complete the integration easily.

• It is a reliable payment system.
• You will enhance customer loyalty and increase your revenues as a result of frequent use.
• It allows you to make real-time online transactions through the Internet.
• By offering a distinctive method of payment, you will acquire competitive advantage.
• It is a new alternative to existing ways of accepting payments.
• interface allows you to track your sales in real-time.

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